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Welcome To Epiphany Insurance Brokers


Epiphany Insurance Brokers Ltd has proactively responded to the overwhelming need to provide AFFORDABLE AND EFFECTIVE PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE in a bid to shield the Individuals, groups, all staff and authorities from the burden of unforeseeable expenses arising from accidental injuries to their persons, which may occur either within their job premises or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Our vision

Your Asset Preservation Partners

Epiphany Brokers wishes to partner with your esteemed organization to build and maintain a lifelong culture of :
-Preservation of life and human and material assets
-Preparedness for unforeseen tragedy that adversely affects lives, means of livelihood, families and businesses.

Epiphany Brokers
500+ satisfied customers
15 professional agents
20+ insurance in our offer
10 years of experience

Our Mission

Epiphany Insurance Brokers

Epiphany Insurance Brokers Limited is a duly registered and licensed Insurance Broking firm transacting business as Brokers, Risk Management Consultants, Life and Pensions, Health Insurance Consultants and Claims Service Experts. Our Mission:


To bridge the gap between the insurance industry and the public by offering EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE insurance in various classes, as a much needed financial relief for victims of unforeseen tragedies.


To ensure that those who absolutely cannot afford to do without the<br />
protection of insurance (especially the masses), are now able to afford it in various classes – Personal Accident Insurance, Loss of employment insurance, Health insurance, Enhanced 3rd Party motor insurance, Cell Phones and Electronic Equipment insurance, etc.


To create a nationwide awareness campaign of the need to be insured as an imperative to financial stability, loss prevention and planning for the future, especially in times of economic downturn.


With our methods and innovative suite of useful, affordable policies, our mission is to change the current national perception of Insurance as being a dispensable luxury - by demonstrating how a lack thereof has hindered individual, corporate and national growth.

Company informations

Epiphany Brokers
Your Asset Preservation Partner

26 Idowu Taylor Steet
Victoria Island , Lagos

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Available 8:00am - 5:00pm